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For most people, you’ll probably just want to replace your old tools with tools that match the same pressure system you’re currently using. But for those who are looking to upgrade or buy their first system, read below for the differences and advantages of our eDRAULIC™, 10,000 PSI or 5,000 PSI line of rescue tools.



This new line of battery-powered rescue tools has once again put us light years ahead of the competition. They require no hoses and no power unit. And because these tools are stronger, smaller and lighter, they’re quicker than ever to the rescue.

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You need to arm yourself properly. And if you're a firefighter in a tactical rescue or a law enforcement officer, the StrongArm® from Hurst Jaws of Life can help you do just that. It provides you one powerful, yet portable tool that can cut, lift, spread and break down doors with ease. It also prys open car doors and cuts through rebar and security bars. Just make sure wherever you go, you have your StrongArm.

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10,000 PSI

10,000 PSI

10,000 PSI is a broad line of tools that includes the strongest cutter manufactured today, the S 700. Plus, these high-pressure rescue tools are built a bit lighter and are faster to the point of resistance.

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5,000 PSI

5,000 PSI

5,000 psi tools over time have proven to be reliable and trustworthy. They are also known to cut faster and spread faster once they meet resistance. That’s why more people use Hurst Jaws of Life 5,000 psi rescue tools than any other.

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