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Some people may look at a chunk of metal and see just its mass. Not Scott Allen, Machine Shop Lead at HURST Jaws of Life’s Shelby, N.C., manufacturing facility. Scott sees a spreader. A cutter. Or a combination tool.  And it’s his job to bring that vision to life.

A 21-year veteran with HURST Jaws of Life, for the past six years Scott has served as machinist who turns columns of raw aluminum into rescue tool parts for HURST Jaws of Life eDRAULIC battery-powered and PSI rescue tools.

What once was a hunk of aluminum becomes a cylinder right in front of our eyes, and under Scott’s conscientious attention.

“Everyone here has got an important job,” he said. “We make rescue tools. We’re saving lives.”

Scott’s favorite tool is the spreader, and he likes the SP 555. Why?

"It’s got a lot of attention to detail,” he says, taking a break from his work to look around the production facility, co-workers and cache of tools with what is clearly pride.

An avid outdoorsman who enjoys activities including hunting and fishing, Scott also seems completely in his comfort zone amidst the noise of the manufacturing equipment, testing machines, forklifts and busy-ness of the facility. He smiles.

“This is home,” he says.