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Who’s behind the tools at HURST Jaws of Life? It’s customer service managers like Tina Arndt Ramsey, who draws on 13 years of HURST Jaws of Life experience, dozens of technical books and an insatiable curiosity about rescue tools to keep her customers happy.

She does love those books. She’s a self-proclaimed historian about four decades of HURST rescue tools.

“I’ve acquired a lot of books over my time here,” she laughs, crediting her history-buff mom for teaching her an appreciation for tracking facts and data. “I’m adamant about keeping the HURST history and making sure it gets passed down to the next generation.”

Tina is a Kansas native who moved across the country and back for her previous job with AT&T. She worked for the telecommunications provider for nearly two decades, but it wasn’t until she moved to Shelby, North Carolina, started her family, and joined HURST that she felt like she was home.

“It’s an ever-changing environment here at HURST and I love it,” she said. “I take a lot of pride in what I do.

Everything Tina does is for the benefit of her customers, including answering questions, checking orders, sharing facts and troubleshooting anything that needs problem solving for the dealers and first responders who use HURST Jaws of Life. She’s an invaluable resource for her customer service colleagues, as well; when they need a detailed tool history or information on the inner workings of a tool to help any of their customers, they call in the big guns – Tina Arndt Ramsey. She prides herself on always finding the answers.

“People often ask about the history of the tools, like this one,” she says, gesturing to a HURST MOC Combi. “MOC stands for the Mother of Cutters – and it sure is. We were the first, so it’s fitting that we have the mother of cutters.

“I especially love to hear from the fire chiefs who still have the first HURST tools,” she said. “Many have newer tools but keep the old tools working. They take pride in their tools and in the history they’ve enjoyed with HURST. I do, too.”