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Hurst Jaws of Life® Announces New Diamond Tips for the SP 310 Spreader

HURST Jaws of Life has announced that new diamond tips and redesigned arms now come standard on the SP 310 spreader. The redesigned arms allow for push button changing of the tips.

 “The new diamond spreading tips on the SP 310 spreader provide excellent grip and allow the tool to be placed into the narrowest of gaps,” said Bruce Johnston, director of marketing for HURST Jaws of Life. “These tips have proven themselves in the field on our SP 300E eDRAULIC spreaders and we’re excited about bringing them to the SP 310.”

The SP 310 spreader features a max spreading force of 69,200 lbs. with a spreading distance of 28.3 in. In addition to the new tips and arms coming standard on new SP 310 spreaders, an arm upgrade kit is available for those who wish to upgrade previously purchased spreaders. The previous style peeling tips are now available as an accessory. More information about the SP 310 spreader is available at

HURST Jaws of Life is a division of Hale Products Inc. Hale Products Inc. is a world leading provider of emergency service products in applications such as defense, rescue, firefighting and industry, and is one of the largest manufacturers of products to the emergency services worldwide. Hale Products Inc. is a unit of IDEX Corporation, an applied solutions company.