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HURST Jaws of Life, Inc., an industry leading global manufacturer of rescue tools, has launched a new website, providing dealers and end users with robust resources, time-saving features and an immersive HURST Jaws of Life® experience.

“Time is critical for everyone in the first responder industry, whether they’re extricating a patient from a car, managing resources, or seeking information and specs for new rescue tools,” said Bruce Johnston, director of marketing and product management for HURST Jaws of Life.

“While our redesigned website tells the HURST story of heritage and innovation, its primary goal is to help our dealers and end users find information quickly and easily so they can get back to the real job at hand – saving lives.

Product navigation on the new website has been streamlined by about 50 percent, helping the user quickly surface relevant product information with as few clicks as possible; a more robust search capability also makes products easy to find. HURST Jaws of Life tools and accessories are organized both by category (Cutters, Spreaders, Combi Tools, Rams, Power Units) as well as by type (eDRAULIC®, StrongArm®, 10,000 PSI, 5,000 PSI, Specialty Tools, Accessories and Vetter), which aligns with the varied ways visitors have historically searched for information on

For HURST Jaws of Life dealers, a streamlined Dealer Portal offers a mobile-friendly solution, which is ideal for dealers and their trainers whose offices are their trucks and daily activities of product demonstrations and tool maintenance don’t allow for extended time at their computers. The Dealer Portal also is equipped with a robust search feature, making it easier and more convenient for partners to find product information, pricing and maintenance and service information.

The website, in both English and Spanish, provides a more immersive HURST Jaws of Life experience through technical information, a historical timeline dating back to the invention of HURST Jaws of Life in the 1960s, and Green Cross honoree profiles of first responders who have used HURST rescue tools to save lives.

 “The first responder community is passionate about its work, and the new celebrates that passion and makes it easier than ever for our customers and the end users to be part of the HURST community, too,” Johnston said.   The new site also is responsive, so it is easily accessible and beautifully rendered across all desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices, an important feature as first responders increasingly use their hand-held devices for both work and leisure.