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Continuing its transition from component supplier to provider of integrated solutions focused on solving complex problems, IDEX Fire & Safety is tapping into its vast cadre of talent to name new roles and responsibilities that will guide the company in its strategic growth. The promotions and role expansions recognize 11 company leaders.

“We continually strive to provide end users and our channel partners with integrated solutions that advance fire ground and rescue scene safety – that’s our primary objective,” said Bill Simmons, whose role as president of the Fire Suppression Group expands to include leadership of North American Safety. “These new roles, and the structure they represent, are the next phase in the continuous advancement of our vision of a collective purpose for our brands. We’re excited for the impact this team will have in enabling IDEX Fire & Safety to take the next step in our strategic path of creating a uniform North American channel.”

The move continues an initiative begun two years ago in which IDEX Corporation announced the alignment of 10 brands under IDEX Fire & Safety – Akron Brass, AWG, Class 1, Dinglee, Hale, HURST Jaws of Life®, Godiva, Lukas, Vetter and Weldon – to offer a unified equipment and service solution for the fire and emergency market.

The promotions include several leadership positions for IDEX North American Fire & Safety. Danny Teixeira’s role as Vice President of the Fire Suppression Group (FSG) expands to include Akron Brass, Eldon, F&S Electronics and Hale; Brian Houk’s role as Vice President of Commercial Strategy & Execution will now include the FSG and HURST Commercial teams; and

Alyson McWherter’s role Director of Business Optimization broadens to include Hale, Akron,

Weldon, Godiva, AWG and HURST.

The promotions include the naming of two site leaders for Fire & Safety brands. Taking

the helm of plant operations at HURST Jaws of Life is Jeff Jasmin, who was promoted from his

post of Director of Supply Chain and Quality to Acting Site Lead – HURST. Jasmin holds his

M.B.A. from Indiana University. Kris Farris has been named Site Leader – Hale; Farris holds an

MBA from the University of Florida.

The IDEX Fire & Safety North America and Commercial teams get new leadership in

sales and marketing. Former HURST Jaws of Life Director of Marketing Bruce Johnston has

been promoted to the role of Fire & Safety NA Director of Marketing, growing the brands under

his watch to include HURST, Akron Brass, Hale and F&S Electronics. HURST Jaws of Life’s

Mike Canon takes on the title Director of Rescue Sales.

Additionally, Erin Spivey, VP of HR-FSG & NA Fire & Safety, expands her role to

include AWG and HURST human resources while Laetitia Mace has been promoted to FSG

Marketing & Business Development Manager – Europe.

“These new and expanded leadership positions continue our ability to innovate the industry,

service our customers and solve mission-critical problems to help save lives,” Simmons said.

About IDEX Fire & Safety: IDEX Fire & Safety represents a collaboration of global brands that

deliver trusted solutions to help emergency responders save lives. For centuries, our customers

have relied on us independently to provide quality equipment and service. These brands include

Akron Brass, AWG, Class 1, Dinglee, Hale, HURST Jaws of Life®, Godiva, Lukas, Vetter and

Weldon. The IDEX Fire & Safety brands represent business units of IDEX Corporation

[NYSE: IEX], an applied solutions company specializing in fluid and metering technologies,

health and science technologies and fire, safety and other diversified products. For more

information on IDEX Fire & Safety, visit

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Bruce Johnston

Director of Marketing