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In the rescue industry, it doesn’t matter what role you’re in or how long you’ve had it. When it’s time to save a life, you go. With 17 years of ‘get up and go’ experience, Chris Corbus was promoted to Lieutenant of the Elmore County Rescue Unit (ECR) in Mountain Home, Idaho, equipped with HURST Jaws of Life tools from LN Curtis & sons.

Immediately after Corbus’ promotion, ECR received a call that a car had flipped on its side with a driver trapped inside. Most of Corbus’ unit was at another wreck site with ECR’s primary HURST tools, so when duty called, Lieutenant Corbus and his team headed to the scene with the station’s new eDRAULIC equipment that was just being put in to service.

“It was my first time answering a call after being appointed to my new role; it was very intimidating,” Corbus said. “The guys had faith in me to lead the rescue and put the brand-new eDRAULIC tools into service for the first time.”

At the scene, Corbus and his team stabilized the sideways vehicle and used the eDRAULIC cutter and spreader to remove the top. By cutting the upper and lower post, the first responders could remove the roof to gain access to the driver. Corbus received Green Cross honors from HURST Jaws of Life for his commitment, dedication and quick decision-making skills.

Corbus and ECR continue to put their new eDRAULIC tools to use.  A recent incident since then required the use of four HURST Jaws of Life eDRAULIC tools at the same time. A concrete pumping truck rear ended a semi-truck at highway speed, leaving the concrete truck buried in the back of the semi. The team operated different portable tools simultaneously to free the entrapped patient.

“With no two accidents being the same, we still feel anxious as we take on a new call and head to the scene,” said Corbus. “As we mentally prepare for whatever we might run into, as Lieutenant, I can rely on the HURST tools to help us save a life.”