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Who’s behind the tools at HURST Jaws of Life? It’s craftsmen like Jimmy Huskins. Assembly supervisor in the company’s Shelby, N.C., plant, Jim ensures HURST Jaws of Life® eDRAULIC®, 10,000 PSI and 5,000 PSI rescue tools are crafted with care and pride. When he heads home, he gives the same detailed attention to his hobby -– custom woodworking, in which he makes everything from decorative barn doors to outdoor living spaces.

“I love being creative; it’s the same thing that pulled me into metal work and assembly,” he said. “At HURST, metal work is so precise – we need to be exact to the tenths and thousandths. Woodworking is less exact but very creative, and it’s a stress relief for me.”

The potential to turn an ordinary piece of wood into extraordinary lifestyle pieces, such as trendy barn doors, farmhouse-style kitchen tables, custom decks and docks, appeals to Jimmy’s love of working with his hands to create things. It’s why he likes being at HURST. A North Carolina native who joined HURST Jaws of Life earlier this year, Jim has nearly two decades of experience in machining, assembly and machine testing for Siemens, Baldor and Metso. He quickly found he enjoyed the company culture of HURST.

“It’s a close, intimate environment here -- more of a family atmosphere. You really know everyone,” said Jimmy, who said he also knows the tools.

“I knew about the tools before I came here, but I remembered Jaws of Life with hoses,” he said. “When I interviewed here they showed me how the tool had evolved with battery-power and toward the next generation. That was a motivating factor to come here –- to be part of something exciting.”

Welcome aboard, Jimmy.