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Who’s behind the tools at HURST Jaws of Life? It’s quality engineers like John Arthur, who says getting things right the first time is a priority. John’s a detail guy at work, and he’s a detail guy about where he works.

“Before taking the job, I watched HURST Jaws of Life YouTube videos and looked at the website. It got my attention, and I knew I wanted to work for a company like this,” said John, who earned his degree in mechanical engineering from University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

“I was really impressed with HURST, especially its mission of saving lives,” he said. “Every day I’m thinking that what I’m doing will help save a life. That’s something.”

John was born in Charlotte, just 30 miles from the HURST Jaws of Life headquarters in Shelby, N.C. When he was five, his family moved to Ghana, and he lived there until he was 19 and returned to the states for college. After graduation, he kept the Carolinas as his home and put his degree to the test, working with a company in Rock Hill, S.C., that makes transmissions for tractors, lawn mowers and other equipment.

He brought that Continual Improvement and Quality Engineering experience to HURST last fall, and John’s helping the Shelby, N.C., company look for ways to advance the processes that will help them continually improve the rescue tools used by first responders to save lives.

A composer who writes and sings gospel music with his church, John isn’t afraid of a little rough and tumble play; he can often be found tossing the football, running and enjoying outdoor activities with his wife and two sons.