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Who’s behind the tools at HURST® Jaws of Life? It’s guys like John Eigenbrot, who know why power and portability are a tool user’s best friend.

With three decades of power tool industry experience, John mastered the ins and outs of what makes tools tick, from research and development to sales and distribution. Prior to joining HURST Jaws of Life, he helped develop and market tools for automotive and aerospace industries.

Since joining the HURST team over 11 years ago as a director of sales, John has been assisting international, federal government, industrial and law enforcement professionals with their equipment selections and procurement.

“There are a lot of great people in this field who are truly concerned about other people’s safety,” John said. “Who wouldn’t want to work with dedicated people like that?

The Philadelphia native loves traveling throughout the world to host seminars — educating and answering questions about the benefits HURST tools bring to military, police and fire rescue.

“HURST’s deep roots in the industry laid the groundwork for trusted relationships between us, departments and agencies within the U.S. Federal government and law enforcement groups,” John said. “Our tools help break barriers and save lives, and our customers know they will keep doing just that.”

When John isn’t flourishing international relationships, he’s a veritable renaissance man; he enjoys cooking for his wife, fishing with his buds, baking chocolate cakes or brewing his own beer. He also can be found spending time with his two sons, a chemical engineer and an insurance professional, and his daughter, a lawyer. A bit of a nomad, he’s lived in Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan, and we’re happy John found his home in the Carolinas to work with the team here at HURST Jaws of Life.