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Lem Pompey always has his hands on the keys. On weekdays, it’s the keys of his computer. As Warehouse Supervisor with HURST Jaws of Life, Lem tracks inventory to ensure HURST Jaws of Life’s machinists and assemblers have the resources they need to build rescue tools, and that the shipping and receiving team can get packages in and out the loading dock of the Shelby, N.C., manufacturing facility.

It’s no wonder Lem, who has been with HURST Jaws of Life for four years, recently received the promotion to supervisor; he’s meticulous and exudes a quiet calm and confidence. It probably stems from the rewarding rhythm of his life. Monday through Friday, he is a stickler for details: “It’s all about saving lives,” he says. “Making sure the i’s are dotted and the t’s crossed.” Every day, he has the balance of family with his wife and three children. And then there’s the weekend, where he brings his passion to life.

On weekends, his hands find keys again, but this time, it’s the keys of a piano. Lem is minister of music for Redemption World Outreach. He travels about 40 minutes to the church’s newest campus in Charlotte each weekend to share his talent with the congregation and do what he loves: make music.

“Music is what I’ve done my whole life,” he said. “I love having music on the side, and then here at HURST I have stability, good people to work with, and a good place to work.”