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Who’s behind the tools at HURST Jaws of Life? It’s retired firemen like Mike Faught, who spent three decades in the field as a firefighter and educator before joining HURST.

From College Station, Texas, Mike committed early to fire service at Georgetown Career Fire Department. He reflects on the station’s core values, insisting that each first responder is trustworthy, courageous, compassionate, respectful, accountable and proud. They’re principles Mike still lives by today.

Mike used HURST tools in the field and he recalls one of his most memorable experiences with the Jaws of Life. Two years into his career, he approached a scene to find a family friend trapped in her vehicle. Mike credits Jaws of Life for contributing to her survival. He considers this extrication as inspiration and fuel for his passion for saving lives.

“Rescuing my classmate’s mother made the job hit much closer to home,” Mike said. “After her successful extrication, I knew this career was meant for me.”

Mike was an active firefighter for 28 years before joining the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) as a professional educator. His interest in serving his community and educating others led him to join the sales team at HURST Jaws of Life.

“I started working at HURST to take on a new opportunity in life and to stay connected to my roots — rescuing and saving lives,” Mike said.

As the South Central regional sales manager, he is tasked with educating and training first responders. Mike says his favorite aspect of his job is orientation because he’s surrounded by firefighters; he enjoys the company of the first responder brotherhood. With a captive audience, he can proudly explain the versatility of rescue tools like HURST’s R 421E2 Ram and demonstrate how the tool can breach houses, cars and buildings for fire or medical access.

“I love the tools’ portability now that they aren’t tied to the road,” said Mike, referring to the Li-Ion battery-powered eDRAULIC line that doesn’t rely on gas or electric generators for power. “This opens up new opportunities for rescue – first responders can deploy tools faster and take them farther to different vehicles at the scene.”

Mike says he enjoys spending time with family and friends and checking out old cars, but his job doesn’t leave him much spare time. But then he smiles, and you know that for Mike, working at HURST isn’t just a job, it’s simply called passion.

Thank you, Mike, for bringing your dedication to service, experience behind the tools and commitment to the fire industry to our HURST team and customers.