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HURST Jaws of Life, Inc., an industry leading global manufacturer of rescue tools, has launched a new line of connectable bags from Vetter®.  The C.Tec 12 bags have a lifting height of up to 82 inches with 16 possible combinations. There are no tools required for assembly and the bags have high stability even at great lifting heights.

“Vetter’s latest addition to its connectable bag system is truly a remarkable advancement in these types of tools,” said Bruce Johnston, director of marketing and product management for HURST. “We debuted the C.Tec 10 bags at FDIC to build off the 8 bar, and now the 12 bar bags allow for even more lifting capacity. Like HURST, Vetter is always looking for ways to innovate and help rescue teams in the trickiest situations and this connectable bag system does just that.”

The C.Tec 12 bags keep users in mind with an intuitive Vetter bayonet locking device that latches securely and audibly. They are immediately deployable and enable users to achieve large lifting heights quickly with the strongest final lifting force on the market. Vetter C.Tec 12 connectable bags are available in three sizes, with a design that allows bags to be added at any time.

Vetter prides itself on intelligent solutions including an optimized valve connection with a swivel joint that adapts to all situations. The bags valve connections are aligned, creating a more organized work environment. And, with two deadman controllers, you can fill three bags simultaneously.

Vetter C.Tec 12 lifting bags are compatible with Vetter 8 and 10 bar filling accessories.