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HURST Jaws of Life® has been nominated for the NC Chamber’s Coolest Thing Made in N” competition, a contest that allows the public to both nominate and vote for their favorite North Carolina-manufactured product.

“We’re proud to call Shelby, North Carolina, home, and we’re honored to have HURST Jaws of Life recognized as one of the ‘coolest things’ made in North Carolina,” said Britt Hawkins, manager, marketing services, for the rescue tool whose name aptly describes its life-saving service.

HURST Jaws of Life extrication tools have been made in Shelby since 1984, when the company relocated to Cleveland County from Pennsylvania, where the legendary tool was invented in the early 1970s. More than simply “cool,” HURST Jaws of Life extrication tools are critical equipment used by first responders such as firefighters, emergency technicians and law enforcement. Extrication tools including spreaders, cutters, combination tools and rescue rams can cut, spread, lift and breach metal, wood and rebar on vehicles and structures, allowing first responders to get to entrapped people and save their lives.

Since its inception, the company has continually raised the bar on rescue tool power and performance. It introduced the first battery-powered extrication tool lines, eDRAULIC®, in 2010, allowing first responders tool operation unencumbered by hoses and generators. They next invented StrongArm, a battery-powered multitool that fits easily in the trunk of a law enforcement vehicle and operates quietly enough for SWAT team use. In 2019, HURST Jaws of Life launched eDRAULIC Watertight Extrication Tool (EWXT), the first battery-operated tool line to operate completely submerged in fresh water. In 2021, HURST Jaws of Life debuted eDRAULIC 3.0, a revolutionary extrication tool line offering turbo power, a smart dashboard and fresh and saltwater compatibility.

“Made in NC products like HURST Jaws of Life reflect the wonderful variety and top quality of our manufacturers’ work across our great state,” said North Carolina Chamber President and CEO Gary Salamido. “As we always say at the NC Chamber: what’s made in North Carolina makes North Carolina.”

The Coolest Thing Made in NC competition is a celebration of North Carolina’s manufacturing community while also advocating and magnifying awareness surrounding careers in modern manufacturing. Nominated products advance through multiple rounds of voting. First-round voting ends August 31, 2021, and 15 semifinalists will be announced on September 2. The top five nominees will be announced September 17, and the winning product will be revealed on October 1, National Manufacturing (MFG) Day. Voters can submit one vote daily per valid email address.

Voting for HURST Jaws of Life is available at