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New Products from Airshore® Rescue

New Airshore Midpoint Brace Supports Building of Raker Rails
Designed to meet the demand of insertion heights in excess of eight feet, the Airshore Midpoint Brace strengthens the triangle and meets new FEMA requirements. Midpoint braces can be used on any Airshore strut with an ELC collar; older collars can be upgraded to the new ELC collar to create the strongest strut on the market in compression and flex.

Big Rig Chain Wedge Kit Now Available from Airshore
The Big Rig Chain Wedge Kit from Airshore includes two Big Rig Chain Wedges, two four-inch Web Shackles and a 40-ft., 3/8 grade 70 transportation safety chain with grab end. In order to secure multiple chain angles, the new Big Rig clevis allows you to loop and lock chains in multiple configurations with multiple chain sizes.

What is Airshore®?
Airshore Rescue Struts are lightweight, positive locking, aluminum support struts which are activated manually or by air power.  Designed for vertical, horizontal, and angled support and stabilization, the Airshore Rescue Struts provide a secure rescue environment.  Whether supporting the walls of a collapsed trench, stabilizing a wrecked vehicle, providing structural support, or forming a system such as a Tripod or a Raker Rail, Airshore makes rescues as simple and efficient as possible. Airshore is a member of the HURST Jaws of Life® Family of Brands.